Jane By Design

currently fav tv series.
im so in love with nick fadden..
but it is so sad that abc family's cancelled the season 2.

its been a while..
uni stuffs drives me crazy, been so busy with that.
how are you anyway?

for my sweetie pie

"you can be the sweet tooth and i can be the dentist"


thanks for the wishes,surprises,and everything.
special thanks for my bf,i can't thank him enough.
love you,xoxo

my boyfriend's ex girlfriend

she wasn't happy cause she got dumped.
it's not her fault he left her behind.
she wasn't ready to let him go,
now im dealing with a psycho.
she loves him. she hates me.
they broke up she blames me.
i wasn't planning on getting into a fight.
you know i would never wanna hurt none.
but you started to lose control.
what can i say

-katy perry-